Voltour Association

Voltour borns from precise idea , original and authentical for creating an authentical web on Castel Volturno Territory.

Social Aim

The Association has the aim of rolling activities of social utility which go in favor of its members or thirds without the aim of gainig money and in the total respect of the dignity and freedom of the members , inspiriting itself to the principles of democracy and equality of the rights of all the members.
The aim Association VOLTOUR is that of promoting initiatives and touristic, cultural, educational and formative projects, giving information, sutain, divulgating the information and sponsoring participation, search and adjournment dealing with responsible tourism , inspirating itself to the principles of democracy , solidariety and ethic,with the aim of elvating the consciousness and the personal growth of the whole collectivity to meet the other in all his forms and dimensions for promoting life styles which look at the relationships With other populations based on the exchange.
These initiatives are focused to:
  • Monitoring , studying and analizing the local touristic department through the comparison of global market and the competitors, proposing an coordinating common strategies;
  • Offering on the touristic market, through a real specialization of the offering system , an homogenous imagine to propose to all the tourists ,and in a special way focusing the attention on the most interesting quality targets like sport, nature , culture , food and wine;
  • Specialize all the inside activities about responsible tourism services;
  • Realize and improve the targeted offer;
  • Promote through a targeted and coordinated action the Campania region and in a special way the traditions , the activities and the local enterprises, cooperating with associations which share the same aim such as the target of promoting through press campaign , organization of events , taking part to fairs , festivals and events, all this thanks to the integrated formula of touristic services offer;
  • Educate to respect of people and their local culture;
  • Sustain a strong information about responsible tourism, involving all the available channel radio, television, congress and web;
  • Involve and motivate the largest number of people and organization;
  • Daunt all forms of fast tourism in favour of relaxing and respectful one;
  • Give to all tourist the chance of living through real contact , human experiences which enrich the human being;
  • Promoting an ecologic tourism, such as a tourism which is moving in the direction of the environment respect;
  • Promoting human rights respect and spread culture;
  • To realize all his targets Association Voltour activates a web of cooperation between private , agencies , associations, organizations, cooperatives and enterprises , which operates;
  • With the same targets and promote the knowledge , the coordination and synergies with the other members.
Voltour Association for realizing its aims , over the up mentioned activities , will have the chance to practice ,just for making simplier all the operations linked to its activities the following activities:
  • Elaboration, managing and promoting of cultural project and or operative actions linked to tourism, economic , social and cultural , environmental, all this cooperating with other associations, organizations ,agencies and tour operators;
  • Producing and distributing informatic and editorial material, paper material or multimedia;
  • Touristic and hotel activity ,both in proper or in association whit other association members through a delegation;
  • Organizing , realizing and participating to initiatives , events or parades, like conferences, congress , seminaries , meetings, debates, exhibition, travels, fairs, shows , theme events;
  • Public events all focused to spread information about culture, social themes , policies, economies all over the world;
  • Creating and participating to network , creating retention , partnership among the interested subjects on a national and international level;
  • Instruction, training and didactics about tourism, environment, sport and economy;
  • Promotion, protection and development of all the patrimony , cultural , artistic and touristic, food and wine.
  • Subscription of convention with third parties to create synergies to qualify and strengthen the insight activity and that that one of its members.


Are you a tourist or a citizen of Castel Volturno and not only , you can ask immediately for your adhesion form to the Voltour and profit of all the discount, the events and the services Voltour, like transport , tutor and so on, which we have reserved for you and of which you will be informed through Voltour App, this web site, email and sms.



If you are an operator of touristic structures or in each kind of commercial activity, you have the chance to become a member of our circuit and benefit immediately from the incoming of all the Voltour members owing the card .
More over this you will have high visibility online thanks the space that we will reserve you to your activity on this website and 24 hours assistance by our staff.



The Tutor is a fundamental figure inside the Circuit Voltour; it is the friend that welcomes you when you come to spend your leisure time on the territory; it is the person that accompanies yourself to reach your destinations (excursions, stations etc.).
You discover if your figure corresponds to that that we are looking for for this employment.


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