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Pompei Excavation

It belongs to the group of cities that have been buried by the terrifying explosion of the 79 A.C. and they represent the most important testimony of the daily life at the ROMANS times.



Roman Senators fascinated by the fertile territory and by the mild climate started to share the territories around the city.

This event was associated to the fact that they didn’t have the right to be Roman citizens , for this reason Pompeii citizens started to be against Rome govern during the social War and looking forward a future war they made the walls around the city stronger , over building some protective towers around Nola, Sarno and Capua , all defended by a new born army.

Rome as per answer  conquer Stabiae and Hercolaneum the army guided by Lucio Cornelio Silla and of which it was part Marco Tullio Cicerone,joins Pompeii, attacking the walls of the city nearby Hercolaneum and Porta vesuvio with big stone bullets which signs are still visible in the walls .There is an high probability that a big fleet took part to battle.

The defence of Pompeii is strong also because they been helped by the Celts headed by Lucio Cluenzio, sent by Papio Mutilio.

So Romans are obliged to stepback from Pompeii which obtained a great victory in Nola where 18000 men lost their lives.

The lost of Pompeii arrived in 89  B.C.damages.

when the city is conquered by Romans but without any war, without provoking any

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