Naples Underground


Visiting Naples underground is an unique  experience.

The excursion starts in Spanish district through an underground path which just by sight shows the history of the city.



The existing of an underground Naples  is linked to the morphological and geological nature of the Neapolitan territory composed by tuff rock

Which is very light and easy friable, giving high stability to the territory as well.

The first transformations came with the foundation of the first changes brought by Greeks around 470 B.C. starting the Napoli city growth.

These transformations were dictated by the constant need of fresh waters, therefore they were obliged to build these  natural tanks which could collect rain water over the need of bulding materials used to raise up new structures.

In the next centuries the expansion of the city brought to the realization of a proper aqueduct which collected and distributed drinkable  water thanks to sa series of tanks connected to a series of tunnels.

During the Roman domination the already existing aqueduct  was enlarged and perfected, but with the new domination of Angiou dynasty in 1266,the city met a large urban expansion which obliged to extract more tuff to build more buildings  in this way they confirmed the legend that Naples is built with its same materials.

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