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What is Voltour Card?
It is a card which gives the chance to collect scores given by the associated shop owners after shopping in their shops.
Where is possible to ask for the Voltour Card and how can it be activated?
The request od member card can be done through the web site at the voice voltour card, or through the application voltour at the section “ how to become a member . In alternative you can ask for your voltour cards in one of associated shops fill the paper form. Once the association will process your request , you will receive a mail in which are reported all the instruction for the delivery of the card which is personal and not trasferable.at the same time you will receive all the credentials for the reegistration on the app voltour, to which you will have access even just framing the qrcode present on the back of your voltour card.
How much lasts the voltour card?
The card lasting is yearly and the expiring is coinciding with the solar year.
How does it work the Voltour Card?
The member exposes in his shop the percentage that attributes to voltour card owners. The member will buy and pay regularly , then the discount applied by the shop owner is directely charged on the member card thanks to his virtual pos.
Can everybody release discounts to voltour card members?
No! only the shop owner associated to the association voltour
How are discount scores used?
The discount scores can be used by other associated or ask for coupon and services here present. The scores must be used within 31 of december after this date all the scores will be flatted.
Can i give my card to a friend or a familiar?
No the card is nominal and can’t be used by who isn’t legitimate to use it.
The associated shop owner can dedice not to charge me the discount scores?
No! If he does it please make a signalation of this disservice in a way that the direction voltour can take some measures about it.
Is it possible to donate the voltour card to someone?
Yes. At the condition that the voltour card must have the id card of the person to which will go the card and all the information requested.the form must be filled and signed in original by the legitimate holder of the card.
Under 18 years old can be voltour card holder ?
Yes. After authorizzation of the persone who has the parental authority as per the actual current laws
How does it work voltour card for the associated transportation?
For using the transport service it is necessary to have the voltour card and having the necessary credits .once on board the tutor will provide to discharge the credit from the card holder the corresponding credits for the service.
How much is the tribute for the card?
For year 2018 is € 5,00 per person
Can i book tickets for museums , trains , ferries,guided visits, festivals and so on.
Yes! Go to an info point voltour present on the territory and one of our associatted will give you all the necessary information that you look for.
How can I pay the the share of voltour card online?
The association share will be requested for retiring the card voltour card on line.
Which documents are necessary for requiring the voltour card?
The customer which wants to ask for the voltour card must fill the form with all the information necessary putting in attachment all the documents required, id card too.
Iis it possible to ask for the refund for the voltour card share?
The customer has the right to end the relationship with the association after 15 days from receiving the card under and for the art 64 d.lgs n.206/2005. After this term it is not possibe to have the refound of the share . In case of no withdrawal or withdrawal over 12 months time , it is not previewed the refound of the card share if it has been paid online. More over this the right of refund can be applied just if the card has not been activated or personalized with writing of its name , and the condition that it has been given back in good condition, complete with its kit and in all its parts and with the prove that it has been bought. The use of even one of the services make vanish the right of refund of the card share.

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