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Cuma is an archeological site belonging to the city of Naples on the territory of the municipality of Bacoli and Pozzuoli

Localized in the Campi Flegrei.



Cuma(Cumae in latin) is an archeological site  of the city of Naples on the territory of  the municipalities of Bacoli and Pozzuoli localized in the volcanic area Campi Flegrei.

The name comes from the greek name KYM that means wave maybe for the shape of the peninsula where is based.

In general it is thought that it has been around 740 B.C., even if the anciest document about Cuma goes back to 725-720 B.c.

According to the legend the founders of Cuma were Eubeans of Calcide, which under the guide of Ippocle of Cuma(there is a huge debate that discussed about if it was Euboic Cuma or eolic Cuma) and Megastene di Calcide, choose to land since they have been attracted by  the flight of a Dove or by the sound of some cymbals .Very close to the story of Cuma there is the legend of Sybill of Cuma.

If we have a look in third book of Eneide there is written that Enea finally finds the land of the divinity after interrogating the Horacle of Cuma.

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