The project of voltour for the raising of castel volturno


CASTEL VOLTURNO: The project is that one of bringing back on the Domitio and flegreo litoral in 13 months the bathing conditions, thanks to the requalification  of depuration  plants .We will start from Cuma to rebuild the great Bourbon project Regi Lagni.

Three provinces are interested ,Naples , Caserta and Benevento, 72 municipalities with 2,3 million of inhabitants which represent 40% of Campania population.

Of the requalification of the depurator of Cuma is encharged  Suez an enterprise a temporary company which is manded by Pizzarrotti of Parma. It will interest about  49 kilometres of the whole net which an investment of European founds destinated to the project and realization of about 50 million of €.

Other 100 million of regional founds will be employed  for the management of a 5 years plan managed by Suez Italia, leader company in the treatment of the waste waters  and drinkable waters .It is present in more than 70 countries of the world and that realized more than 600 implants all over the world in 50 years.

Cuma Implant- as explains the administrator  Suez Fabrice Rossignol- represent an classic intervention but it will have for sure some technological  innovation in the treatment of sludge ,which are the most delicate. We count to deliver to population an implant that will present great advantages for the environment but also for the economy , since it will give the chance to save a lot of energy.

Suez will substitute Sma Campania, absorbing  the actual personnel about 150 persons , which will be formed and retrain to operate with new technologies.

One month will take to deliver all the documentation dealing with the Campania Region and 12 months to realize the whole intervention.


Campania Region and China united to launch the Domitio litoral

Castel Volturno. Relaunching Domitio Coast.

This will be the key word for the 2017 summit organized for the 2nd July c.y. in the coast town where took part the Regional Counselor Giovanni Zannini, the Euro parliamentary Pina Picierno and Castel Volturno mayor, Municipal Counselor Antonio Luise and the President of the local Committee PRO TORRE DI PESCOPAGANO 2014 , Aldo Santamaria.

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To Hamsik goes a Plate

Testimony of quality and courage are gifts of which you honor us every day. Thanks for being one of us. Words written on the plate this morning by the Association of touristic valorization of Castel Volturno to Marek Hamsik who from ten years lives in the  Domitiana Town.

Napoli capitain has expressed his thankfulness with sincere emotion>Because this is my house, has said to the numerous participants  at the touristic project presentation in Pinetamare on the Epiphany day . 

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It’s born Voltour

Voltour is a project which borns from the will of relaunching a wonderful territory which has been often  mistreated and that in reality is full of touristic resources.

Through the promotion of all the natural beauties present on the territory and its excellence.

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