Escursione Oasi dei Variconi | Voltour

Variconi Oasis

Making a walk in this natural reserve is an unique emotion, there is a naturalistic path where it can be done the Bird watching thanks to a series of bungalows.

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Escursione Fiume Volturno | Voltour

Volturno River

Volturno River is the river belonging to the divinity “Volturnus” which had green-blue  eyes and that managed all the things which flow.

This nick name was give just to remember the color of the water of the river.

This river was the scenary of important civilizations, battles modern and ancient…how many treasures hides this river.

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Escursione Borgo Medievale Caserta | Voltour

Medieval Village

Casertavecchia , is a wonderful jewel on an height of 450 meters , less than 10 km far from Caserta it is declared National Monument  for its  artistic characteristic and its history.

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Escursione Reggia di Caserta | Voltour

Caserta Reggia Palace

It was the historical of Bourbon family ,belongs to humanity patrimony.

Thanks to the excursion around the royal palace you visit the largest royal palace.

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San Leucio

Leucio is a very large site with an high historical interest.

Here is base the royal palace belonging to Borbons Family.

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