Affiliate your store to the Voltour Circuit

Becoming a partner of Voltour circuit , you can earn new customers which will arrive in your store because they belong to the net, with the aim of using their Discount range and spend the ones already earned. Voltour subscribe non cost deals with the operators which agree with the project Progetto@turistamico.
To be part of it you must respect the following standard:
  • Product – Service of quality
  • Courtesy and hospitality for the customers
  • Respect of contractual clause
  • Virtual Voltour POS
Operators’ Adhesion is totally no cost. Give your adhesion and discover what you can do for your territory and your territory for you.
Before giving your adhesion read all the conditions

Fill the form and send immediately your request of appointment .You information will be examined by our responsible and in case of positive answer you will be contacted back to establish the day and the time for a meeting with our staff members.

I ask for an appointment to give my adhesion to the associatioon

Clicking on the button you declare to approve all the details of the rules reported in the premises up mentioned and you give your consent for treating your information according the rules in the document mentioned.

Which are the advantages for the Shop Operator?

More visibility on line

Our shop operator have the right according their contract stipulated with the association , to have a space on this website and a space on the app voltour where you can publish the percentage of discount reserved to the voltour members , to propose services, communicate the opening and closing time of the store and make advertising of the active offers.

Economic Advantage

Thanks to the mechanic which is at the base of our system , all the members can benefit of a wide economic return in terms of higher flow of customers pushed by the wish of spending in the shops belonging to the circuit with the aim of having back discount –scores.

No expenses

Our members will be able to emit discount-scores thanks to a virtual pos and will be supplied at the moment of the subscription of the contract . pos in question is just an app avalaible on app store or on google play with an easy touch screen and a simple use dynamic.

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