The tutor is a very important person in the voltour circuit. He is the frienhd which welcomes you when you come to spend your spare time.
He is the one that comes and pick you up at the station during your excursion. Find out if you can fit with the description of the employee we are looking for our structure.
Do you have a good knowledge of you territory? Find out how to gain with voltour circuit! Do you know campania territory very good? Do you have a driving licence and you wish to give to tribute to the castel volturno tourism? Find if you have all the requirements to become a member of our circuit. Fill the following form and ask for an appointment :you could become our next Voltour Tutor
A tutor is an autosufficient person between 18 and 65 years old which must be associated to Voltour Ccircuit and must have the following requirements:
  • Driving licence
  • Deep knowledge of the territory
  • Trust and courtesy
  • Proper Car
The membership for tutor is no cost . Give your adhesion and find what you can do for your territory and your territory for you.
Read all the premises before giving your adhesion

Fill the form and send it for asking for an appointment .Your information will be examined by our staff and in case of positive response you will be contacted to establish day and time for an appointment with our staff.


I ask for an appointment with your staff for giving my adhesion to the association

Clicking on the button , you declare in specific to know all the rules reported in the premises up mentioned and you give your consent to the treatmnet of all your information.

Which are the advantages for a Voltour Tutor?

Requalification of the territory

Tutor is the diamond point of our project. Presenting himself as a kind of friend which helps and assists the tourist in all his movings on the territory of campani a region .He can give an important tribute to the requalification under the social and economic point of view of our region, which is rich of natural beauties too many times underestimated.

Economic advantages

Thanks to the system that is at the base of our project , voltour tutor can benefit of a wide economic return in terms of discount scores accumulated through the services given to the associated members.
The scores can be reinvested directely on the circuit.

Easy use

Thanks to voltour app and the virtual pos, our tutor can manage the request of “accompanying” which the associated members have forwarded .
With the application to the tutor position for accompaniment the tutor has the possibility to be directly in contact with the user in a way to make easier the insise shuttle service.

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